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natura vulnerata, non deleta

On æversion

Æversion symbolises the interiorisation of reality; an initiation into realms of Mystery and sanity in insane, apocalyptic times. It has been dreamed up to provide a temporal space without judgement or taboo wherein unknown friends can share in their soul journeys together through the mediums of, but not limited to, dialogue and independent study. As depth (and height) explorers of the imaginal we commit to the reading and contemplation of MAPPs (Maya Altering Poetry and Prose) in cultivating an awareness of panempatheia ('empathy for all'). I aim to fail well in assisting you, for a time, in delving deeply into the soil of your psyche as it presents to landscapes of place and consequence; to help in consciously (re-)aligning your self with your spiritual purpose in this incarnation, paradoxical, even maddening, as it might appear! As we explore terrains, both above and below, within and without, we will learn how to create a container by which to hold our hermeneutic musings in a spirit of embodied, communitarian service. Expect no answers, only, perhaps, an ability to ask more beautiful questions.

Living in the Time of Dying (Documentary)

Correspondence by video calls by request, emails welcome.

No charges or fees apply at this time.

Why no monetary fee?

It is not my intention to profit from brother or sister seekers on the Way, and my current position with a Tasmanian-based charitable organisation covers all basic needs. Further, many wonderful elders and teachers have given freely their time in support of my own searching questions; it is in payment of that debt I honour them.



Attempting to navigate a world undergoing apocalyptic transformation is deeply challenging, more so in isolation. Awakening to the enormity of our spiritual, ecological, societal, and personal crises is quite often overwhelming. However, the simple act of being in conversation with another who does not fit into categories of friend or family can be powerful medicine in helping bear witness to the evolutionary changes unfolding before, and indeed, through us.

The Latin phrase at the top of this page means: 'The world is damaged, but not destroyed.' When there is so much despair and pain in our world it is important not only to live in feeling with this suffering, but also to allow ourselves to learn again how to give hospitality to joy, beauty, and love. And, of course, humour.


Those who know do not say; those who say do not know. We shall endeavour to practice walking the middle path of humility in knowing we do not know. 





A little over twenty years ago I was gifted a spontaneous mystical encounter which expanded - and subsequently shattered - my conception of reality, resulting in a two decade (and counting) search for Spirit/God/Brahman/Tao (all such names are, non-dualistically speaking, human projections). In seeking to make sense of this experience, an ongoing study of transpersonal psychology, world mystical traditions, and daily spiritual practice has since manifested as  Its unusual spelling constellates various concepts, including the topographical mathematics of sphere eversion as re-presentation, Rudolf Otto's mysterium tremendum et fascinans, and the 'concave earth' motif of William Blake... to name only a few influences. I hold a Diploma in Counselling through the Pathways Psychology Institute, NSW, Australia (which emphasises Arnold and Amy Mindell's Process-Oriented Psychology), and continue to gain rich nourishment through engagement with the panentheistic Psychosynthesis of Roberto Assagioli, Advaita Vedanta, Sufism, Christian mysticism, and the writings of C.G. Jung.  Please note, however, that I do not offer my services as a professional counsellor, but as a fellow wayfarer and spiritual companion. Rather than engage in a client/therapist or teacher/student relationship it is better perhaps to consider our exchanges as a living expression of what John O'Donohue described as the 'conversational nature of reality,' that is, awareness speaking with awareness. For those who prefer a more formal psychotherapeutic relationship, I would be delighted to provide recommendations.


I live in sight of kanamaluka on palawa Country in lutruwita (Tasmania) with my wife and two tabby cats.

What myth do you live?

What myth lives you?

Do you suffer the labour pains

of a world seeking

to be reborn?

John Moriarty, Dreamtime

Acknowledgement of Country

I acknowledge, with deep respect the traditional owners of this land, the palawa people.

The palawa people belong to the oldest continuing culture in the world. They cared and protected Country for thousands of years. They knew this land, they lived on the land and they died on these lands. I honour them.

I pay my respects to elders past and present and to the many Aboriginal people that did not make elder status and to the Tasmanian Aboriginal community that continue to care for Country.

 Æversic readings ...


Peter Kingsley

The Return of the Feminine

and the World Soul


The Circle of Love

Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

The Dream of the Cosmos

Anne Baring

The Matter with Things

Iain McGilchrist

Happiness and the Art of Being

Michael James

Come of Age

Stephen Jenkinson

Stripping the Gurus

Geoffrey D. Falk

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