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Jem Bendell - Deep Adaptation

Updated: May 8

Jem's 2018 paper, 'Deep Adaptation: A Map for Navigating Climate Tragedy,' (Versions of the Deep Adaptation paper – Professor Jem Bendell) has been widely read and translated into many languages since it was first published. Since then, the Deep Adaptation community has grown around it, attracting numbers of people awakening to our shared climate predicament. As such, the group's websites offer a diverse range of voices and approaches to facing climate collapse.

Deep Adaptation Forum

For the most recent publication:

Deep Adaptation: Navigating the Realities of Climate Chaos: Bendell, Jem, Read, Rupert: 9781509546848: Amazon.com: Books

My own Deep Adaptation Guide page can be found here:

Ian Neilson | Deep Adaptation Guidance

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